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Development Property 

Do you own a Property that has Development potential? Have you been waiting for a Developer to come along for that big payday? 

We pair homeowners up with Developers from our large Developer client pool. 


  1. We conduct a Free Feasibility Study on the property at it's highest and best use. 


  2. Using our Feasibility Study, and our market research we negotiate and agree to a price with the homeowner that will make the development a viable project.  


  3. We then sign an agreement with the homeowner to allow us time to market the property and match it with a Developer. 


  4. During the marketing period, we may choose to add value to the property in the form of a Development Approval from the local council or multiple other ways depending on the type of property.


  5. Once we have matched the project with a Property Developer, they then take over the agreement and complete the sale within the agreed timeframe. 

If you own a Property that has Development Potential Click on the button below for a  Free Feasibility Assessment.   

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Subdivision Management  Service

Do you own a property with a big backyard? Is it getting hard to maintain? or costing you money each month? There could be a fortune just waiting to be unlocked right in your OWN backyard.  

WE CAN HELP through the power of Subdivision. 

We offer a Subdivision Service to homeowners in NSW. We specialise in helping downsizers keep their home and sell their land. 


  1. We use our creative expertise to identify the highest and best use for the property that suits the homeowners needs. 

  2. We manage the Subdivision process through the council and to completion.

  3. We engage the local real estate agent to sell the newly subdivided land. 

  4. Once the land sells you pay us for our services from the profits and now that fortune is ready for you to enjoy.   

Click on the button below for a FREE Subdivision assessment of your property. 

Building Plans

Commercial Property Consultant

Have you owned a Commercial Property for longer than you can remember? 

Is the property at the highest and best use? or are you leaving money on the table every month? 

WE OFFER a FRESH set of EYES to the site. 


  1. We conduct a thorough site and financial assessment of the property. 

  2. We then present the findings and value add strategies to the owner. Including cash flow projections and a redevelopment feasibility study.

  3. Once approved we execute and manage the value add strategies to completion. 

  4. Payment for the redevelopment service can be negotiated either from a percentage of the increased value or a small percentage of equity share in the property.  

Contact us NOW for a FREE Overview of your site. 

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