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We offer a diverse range of services and plans for investors of all types.

Whether you're just diving into commercial real estate and beginning your journey towards financial freedom or you're a current commercial property owner looking for creative ways and innovative solutions to maximise your value, the Develop a Life team brings the professional support and experience you've been looking for.


Welcome to the team.


Commercial property ownership is all about maximising value.

Our strategy team is ready to partner with you to help you find the value uplift you’ve been looking for with innovation and a focus on results. Even experienced commercial property owners are looking for ways to add value. But it doesn’t come by accident. It takes creativity, innovation, and a solution-first mindset. That’s what we provide to the countless clients who partner with us. Because results matter, and we know how to deliver.

Perfect for: 

 Current commercial property owner's 
 Maximizing value 
 Discovering creative value adds 

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Value-adds are great ideas in theory, but it takes measured execution to turn those ideas into real world impact. Our team is ready to manage your project from start to finish, saving you time and headaches. If you’re a commercial property owner with a large portfolio or little time, it can be hard managing all the details of your value-add projects. You can rest easier knowing that every detail is being looked after with our project management team

Perfect for: 

 Current commercial property owners  
 Busy investors wanting to add value
☛ Achieving results through careful management


You’ve done the research and you dive into the market. But what happens when the commercial space you buy is vacant? Commercial property is all about the income it's generating, and tenants are a big part of that. If you’re dealing with vacancies and a commercial space in need of a facelift, our team is ready to help you. We’ll work with you to identify new tenant opportunities and put together an actionable step by step revitalization plan that will give your space the updates you need to adjust to new tenant demands. 

Perfect for: 

☛ Current commercial property owners 
 Revitalizing older commercial spaces
 Adjusting to changing market demands


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